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With: Personal project

Roles: conceptual development, storyboard, design, 3d modeling, lighting, animation and compositing.

BASS is the project that made me realize how much I loved animation and how I can combine music and animation together. It helped me get serious about exploring music and sound in my work.

My goal for this project was to create animation that goes along with the music, but does not sync with every note. To me, synchronizing to every sound is too obvious and robotic.

I wanted to represent the feeling of dancing, because dancing is the emotion and feeling that our bodies move.

When I decided to make this kind of animation, I limited myself to just a pen. That’s because limiting yourself to one thing requires you to be more creative in order to make things work with what you have.

When you are in a situation that has limitations, you will force yourself to come up with a solution. And when you do that more and more, it defines who you are. When you are stirring yourself with problems and you might be surprised at the solution you came up with.

The solution I came up with was to approach the project in 3D so I could make the animation, camera movement, lighting, and depth of field feel more full and fleshed out.



Break Down

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