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Wonderlust Ident

with Wonderlust

Roles: compositing, animation.

Wonderlust ident is the studio creative project. We are artists, who are passionate about what we do and making a cool idea alive is another way to have fun and enjoy being who

we are. We are not just doing work as a job but because of we love what we do.

This project my main role is using animation and compositing skill to convey the feeling of the dramatic and explosive imagination of the driver so stuck in the traffic.
I enjoyed imagining what should be animated and love to make every small element moving to bring up the feeling alive.

Final Composite

Compositing Breakdown



Directed by Wonderlust

Creative Direction: Ryan Rumbolt

Art Direction and Illustration: Loris Alessandria

Character Animation: Juan Pontaroli

Compositing and Animation: Arm Sattavorn

Music and Sound Design: Facundo Capece

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