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YVR 2037

With: Wonderlust

Roles: compositing, additional animation.

YVR 2037 was designed to show a visual concept for the future of Vancouver International Airport

In my opinion, the illustration (from Colin Bigelow) led the entire piece. Everything the rest of the team did was to support the illustrations.

My favourite part of this project was making Colin’s illustrations feel alive. In my opinion, compositing is not just putting everything together. When I am compositing, I focus on how I can enhance the feeling.

The lighting, camera movements, actions of the characters, and even the flickering flare of the sun make the audience feel the sensations of the piece.

What stuck with me in this project was the feeling of love and passion that everyone on the team was pouring in :)

Final Composite

Break Down


Agency: Edelman

Directed by Wonderlust

Executive Producer: Christian Rankin

Creative Direction: Ryan Rumbolt

Art Direction and Illustration: Colin Bigelow

Character Animation: Christine Le

Character Cleanup: Christine Le, Ariel Victor, Anita Yen

Compositing: Arm Sattavorn

Sound Design: Daruma Audio

Music: Sono Sanctus

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